Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday's here

Here it is Sunday afternoon and I am waiting for Janet to get here so we can quilt.  I have to decide on the border for the baby quilt and see if it will look okay.
My mother is here making mashed potato salad. I should have the laptop off and being productive but as you know it is hard when this is the middle of your three day weekend and you just want to lie around doing nothing. Ha-ha.

I found a nice Quilting Group here on Google to be a part of. So far everyone has been super nice.  I like nice!

Well I think I heard a car door, maybe she is here and we can get this quilt under way!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday Means Almost Weekend

Here I am knowing I should be sewing, but after sewing all the strips together for my border I realized when I went to fold it in half my diagonal sews were on the wrong side.  To make matters worse they were perfect... So, I decided to take a break tonight play Tiny Towers and hit up a few blogs and see what I will need to start on Easy Street by Bonnie Hunter.

This weekend I have a list of things to complete...
1. finish a baby quilt
2. make a pillow to match my niece's quilt.
3. read some on the adult JK Rowling's book
4. have a nice date with the bf!

Now the question is what will you do this weekend?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Been away for a while

I have been busy since my last post and hopefully this year will be better than the last.  No more surgeries!! I have had a few.

Since today is a cloudy, drizzling day here in Arlington and my legs and back are not really cooperating I thought I would spend the day looking at quilting blogs, watching the Syfy channel and updating my blog.

I have been a busy quilting monster.

I have made three baby quilts from one pattern, Ashley's Journey, from Piece of Pie, second edition by Brenda Bailey and Bonnie Bailey.

I used two different Moda fabric collections and used other fabric for the backing.
I made one boy quilt using a layer cake of Kasuri,

Miss Kitty loved the quilt but hates being cold.  She would not lie down on the girls' quilts.

Now for the girls fabric I used another layer cake from Moda, Coquette.  I can only show one of the quilts as a finished project as the second is for a friend's granddaughter.