Sunday, July 15, 2012

My first post and quilt

I am finally starting my very first quilting blog. I will give a little back ground of me. I started quilting in May 2010 by taking a class at JoAnn's after work. I had a wonderful teacher named Candy. 
I have all the pictured of that first quilt. It was a bird quilt. I love birds so after years of saying "I really want to learn to quilt" I took the plunge. I had a push from my friend, Stephanie to do it. 

Please, forgive the picture arrangement. I was trying to get them to line up.

 I tend to quilt a lot then on Tuesday night listening to Hounddog Radio on the internet.

Stitch in ditch. I found out later after using thread to match the
back that I should have used clear and you were to stay inside the
seams. I thought she said beside the seam. 
Mitre Corner

This is me and no the picture is not crooked ..

Did not get a picture of it years ago, but
here it is today.

This is the back of it. This is Miss Kitty. She
loves to have her picture taken. so here is
my quilting companion