Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Projects coming up

I have been really sick lately and my quilting had been out on the back burner  for a while.
I was so excited over the weekend when I finally found the fabric for a baby quilt for my friends daughter, Vivian.

I cannot wait to receive. I know it is here in Arlington right now per the tracking number.  I have found several patterns and cannot decide which I like more. I figure I will decide once I have the fabric in hand and can really pay more attention.

I saw this pattern: Sweet Divinity Diamond Quilt

Those are just two that I am looking at.  If anyone out there knows of any other cute but simple patterns let me know.  Make this Thursday a wonderful day.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday Night Sew

I am on vacation and you would think I would have caught up on my sewing, but I have not.  I have caught up on my reading with Philip K Dick's The Man in the High Castle.  It is an interesting story and alternate universe story.

Back to my quilting.  I have finished March's block of the month for Peggy's.
I am happy with it. Now it is time for my Tuesday night shows and of course, LL Cool J. If there is anything you ever want to know probably have that down pat!
I have a quilt block for James' mother to work on, Abundance by Celine Perkins.

I am doing a twin size or lap quilt, but only doing the blocks without the curved handle. I am excited. Off for now. Who knows I might be back tomorrow.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Syfy Saturday night and sewing

Today was suppose to be like any other sewing day, but the stars were against me.  However, someone was watching out for me today.  I am allergic to mushrooms. That should let you know where this story is going.
I could not decide if I wanted the Bacon Temptation Omelette and Red Velvet Pancakes.  I only ate a few bites of the omelette and then went on to eat my pancakes.  Normally I eat half the omelette and half the pancakes and take rest home.  Well as I am finishing my pancakes my B/F asks if that was a mushroom on my omelette under the cheese. The waitress even saw it. After we leave my B/F gets me some Benedryl so we can keep me from swelling up.  It worked but knocked me totally out for hours.

Well, lets get to the quilting. Last night I was watching Ancient Aliens on H2 and finished up the second block of the February blocks of the month.

I of course picked up the March block of the month today and cannot wait to start it. Well enough for today I am falling asleep.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Quilting Tuesday Night

Wow, the time sure has flown since my last posting.
Well as your can tell I look forward Tuesday night to sew some and watch the LL Cool J show, or as you might know it as NCIS: Los Angeles.

I have been working on a Thangles' Buck a Block from one of my favorite quilt shops, Peggy's Quilt Shop, in Arlington, Texas. I will say I started one of my two blocks a few weeks ago and have taken it apart so many times.  I see some of my threads in there.. oh well.  After what I went through to get it to look almost right I refuse to take it apart again.

On a happy note I have another baby blanket to make for my friend, Amy.  I found the perfect material  Baby Dr Seuss.  I will have to put some more Horton in it as Amy collects elephants.

Well I have to finish my February blocks so I can get March's blocks.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tuesday is LL Cool J Night

Tuesday Night is TV night for me! There is nothing like NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles! Can I use anymore exclaimation marks???
I love either sewing or scoping out quilting blogs, but a few weeks ago I sewed my binding together backwards watching the LL Cool J show. 

Tonight I am looking out to find a block of the month for a friend and I to do this year.  She is just learning to quilt and I have been in the honeymoon stage for about three years now.  I know I still need to learn a lot more, so I am looking for a block of the month that is basic or I will make my own sampler quilt.

I have seen so many blogs tonight and found a new one, Pleasant Home.  I love the organization of her sewing room and making her own ironing board.  And I love these Scrappy Tree Mug Rugs.

Well, I am watching NCIS and I am getting caught up with Tony DiNozzo.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

Here it is February 1, 2013, and Super Bowl  Sunday.  Cowboys are not in it, but would I really watch it if they were?  Most likely not, but I would still cheer them on. I find the game is more and more just a game that advertisers peddle their wares for millions and sometimes billions.  Well enough of my tirade on the football game.

This week was a good week. I finished another baby quilt so it is my first completion of 2013. Unfortunately I cannot post a picture until I give it to my friend and her daughter. I hope to this coming weekend.  I have been working on a quilt for my youngest niece. It is using the Urban Angel collection from 2009 by Studio E Fabrics. I wish I could pull up the page with the quilt fabric, but it is no longer on the site. It will have three simple flowers that are appliqued on.

Well I am off to sew some.... Happy Sewing this week

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday's here

Here it is Sunday afternoon and I am waiting for Janet to get here so we can quilt.  I have to decide on the border for the baby quilt and see if it will look okay.
My mother is here making mashed potato salad. I should have the laptop off and being productive but as you know it is hard when this is the middle of your three day weekend and you just want to lie around doing nothing. Ha-ha.

I found a nice Quilting Group here on Google to be a part of. So far everyone has been super nice.  I like nice!

Well I think I heard a car door, maybe she is here and we can get this quilt under way!!